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Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

It is a concrete steel that has high strength and is generally used in constructions, produced by drawing steel mesh from S220 steel by cold drawing method and ribbed. Wire mesh bars are produced in international quality standards and presented to you.

Where Steel Mesh is Used

  • On floor coverings
  • In tunnel formwork applications
  • On individual and radial foundations
  • Curtain and retaining wall construction
  • In field and road concrete
  • On factory floor concretes
  • In water tank and pool concrete
  • In columns, columns and beams
  • In hollow floors
  • In concrete pipes
  • In prefabricated building elements
  • In subways, tunnels and galleries
  • In water structures, dams, canals and canals

Importance and Advantages of Wire Mesh Material Saving

Due to the high strength of St IVb to be used in reinforced concrete calculations during the design, the required amount of reinforcement decreases compared to normal iron (St I) in the existing concrete section, therefore, 30%-40% weight savings are achieved in the iron to be used. In addition, the losses that occur during cutting iron are reduced to 0 in terms of placing the mats on a project basis.

Labor and Time Saving

Due to the fact that the Steel Meshes are in weights that can be carried easily at the construction site, their assembly is easy and quick. Compared to normal iron, instead of preparing and connecting the bars by straightening and cutting, the assembly of the Steel Mesh, which is formed at regular intervals, in practice is in a short time, thus saving 50% - 60% from labor.